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Instasane – The Possession (2023) EP Review


  1. Razors: The Possession opens up with the potent and emotionally triumphant self-produced “Razors”. A hard trap beat with ascending synth sample (that sounds like a saxophone), hard hitting drums and bright synth hits accompanies Instasane’s lyrics on trauma and self-harm. Around the 1:55 mark the track peels back to allow Instasane to grant himself a moment of closure by forgiving his mother, giving the track a rawer aspect. Even tho the mixing and arrangement could be improved, the production is creative and empowering & Instasane proudly wears his scars (7.5/10).

  2. Fizzle: “Fizzle” is a track that I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, I find the instrumental kind of weird: the trap drums feel drowned out by synth keys and strings that sound like they came straight out of the Halloween section of a party supplies store; on the other I love Instasane’s energy and hard flows on the track, which elevate it to another level for me. This track lacks the power that Razors brought to the table, and the mixing has a few issues (like the demonic vocals in the chorus with way too much bass) but Instasane’s great energy manages to keep this track afloat. (6/10)

  3. On Top Now: this track has one of my favorite beats off the EP. The fuzzy bass and swirling synths compliment Instasane’s rapid flows perfectly, and the drums sound very tight. My only gripe with this track is the hook: the autotuned harmonies sound very strange and the dry MIDI pianos sound straight out of garageband, adding a bit of a cheesy element to it. A very solid track overall from the project tho (7/10).

  4. Veins: this is one of the most unsettling trap songs I’ve ever heard. “Veins” sounds like being stuck inside a dark cave of depression while being stalked by spirits, and Instasane’s almost whispered rapping further enhances this atmosphere. The instrumental is very atmospheric, but the most disturbing part about this track is the haunting hook with pitched down vocals saying “I want to get inside of your veins”. Fuck me this song is scary as shit, but actually a very cool listening experience (7.5).

  5. Bloodbath: catchiest song off the EP, with really great replay value. The beat features some dark bells and trap percussion, and Instasane’s lyrics border on horrorcore with vivid depictions of violence. I love the moody soundscape that the instrumental creates and instasane’s great hook and melodic flows, but I feel like the track could use a tad bit more energy. The mixing is way better and cleaner tho (7.5/10)

  6. Artemis: with production from yours truly and fire lyrical acrobatics from Instasane, “Artemis” is one of the hardest tracks off the EP and one of my favorites on his entire discography. His dark and aggressive energy with speedy flows perfectly complements the instrumental, and his delivery reaches it’s climax at the beat switch towards the back end of the track when he switches up his delivery to be even more gritty. The EP closes off with the sound of evil laughter and further solidifying the newest chapter in Instasane’s villain arc (8/10).

  1. Artemis

  2. Razors

  3. Veins

LEAST FAV SONGS: Fizzle/On Top Now

FAVORITE BEAT: Razors/On Top Now



Overall I think this is a great project from Instasane. Apart from some flaws in the mixing and some sections that weren’t to my liking, I think The Possession marks a high point in Instasane’s discography and I’m glad I could contribute to the making of this EP. From the amazing emotional impact of “Razors” to the chilling vibes of “Veins” to the breakneck power of “Artemis”, Instasane once again shines lyrically and creatively.



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