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$uicideboy$ - I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (V) (2023) EP Review


  1. Not Even Ghosts Are This Empty: the fifth installment to the legendary EP series opens up with sample from “Troy” and a classic $crim beat, but with a twist: matched with his typical Memphis vocal chops & aggressive drums, the track features a perfectly executed extended outro with beautiful vocal ornaments and orchestral elements. Ruby and $crim shine lyrically on this track with rapid flows and existential lyrics on depression & violence. This is a great introduction to the EP, that effortlessly transistions into the next track (8.8/10).

  2. Finding Shelter In My Larynx: the dark & druggy atmosphere progresses further with this hard-hitting vocal sample driven banger. $crim’s more atmospheric production shines once again on the extended outro, and Ruby’s subtle reference to his solo project marks the cherry on top of this short but poweful offering from the boy$ (8.8/10).

  3. A Little Trauma Can Be Illuminating, And I’m Shining Like The Sun: the EP closes off with my favorite track off of the project, and possibly one of my favorite $crim beats of all time. The signature warped Memphis rap samples continue to appear in the instrumental, this time accompanied by glitching pitched vocal one-shots and long snare rolls. The rapid-fire flows from the boy$ are amazing as usual, and Ruby’s singing on the lower end of the track closes the project off perfectly (9/10).

  1. A.L.T.C.B.I.A.I.S.L.T.S

  2. Not Even Ghosts Are This Empty

  3. Finding Shelter In My Larynx




$uicideboy$’s dark & ghostly blend of trap once again proves to be one of the most innovative styles of hiphop to come out of the 2010s, yet remaining true to the genre’s soul. “I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (V)” not only features both members of the spectacular duo shining at their best, but also sees them experimenting more with different sounds (particularly on the outro sections of the first two tracks).

Although clocking in at only 7 minutes & 34 seconds this EP is a great listen and feels very cohesive, and further solidifies the artists’ position as one of the greatest hiphop duos of all time.



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