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KiERAN & Anj– Thinkin’ bout You (2023) Song Review


  • The instrumental is very creative, with warm horns, an atmospheric organ and a very full bass sample.

  • KiERAN’s lyrics, flows and energy are very captivating

  • The mixing on the vocals is very crisp and clean

  • Anj has a good feature on the track and adds to the vibe very well

  • The arrangement feels cohesive and by no means predictable and repetive


  • The singing feels very overly dramatic, particularly during the hook section where it winds up being off-key in certain sections

  • The reverbed organ chords, the strings and the brass section occasionally mix poorly, letting off dissonant notes

  • KiERAN’s chorus vocals in the hook section sometimes aren’t in sync

  • The track sounds VERY overly compressed and limited, giving it no volume range whatsoever

BEST PART: 1:32-2:03


“Thinkin’ bout You” isn’t a bad song overall, but it suffers from some issues that lower my enjoyment of it (particularly the compression). The best parts about the track is the fire lyricism, energy, emotion and charisma that KiERAN brings to the table; and Anj’s addition of the song is really good (her voice reminds me 070 Shake). Sold track, but I feel like he’s done better on other songs and he should clean up the singing more.



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