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DMG – Summer Aura (2023) Track Review


  • The instrumental is very well produced & unique

  • The afrobeat-inspired percussion & 808s hit very hard and sound like they are clipping occasionally, which adds another level of potency to this track

  • DMG’s very catchy melodies and great vocal delivery compliment the atmosphere of the beat perfectly

  • The ambient summery vocal samples in the instrumental sound incredible

  • The whole song has a very danceable energy that gets you dancing


  • DMG’s vocals are mixed lower then the instrumental, resulting in the beat overpowering the vocals in sections like the rapped verse

  • The rapid stop-and-start flow he uses multiple times can get repetitive after a few uses of it

  • The track starts very abruptly, and I feel it would benefit from more of a buildup in the intro

BEST PART: 1:59 – 2:51


I knew “Summer Aura” was going to be a great song from the moment DMG previewed it for me during a discord call. I’m usually not a bit fan of afrobeats but Dan’s extremely catchy yet banging vocals and more creative production make me reconsider my opinion on the whole genre.

I cant get enough of the complex melodies, the fantastic drums and the wet vocal chops. This track isn’t exactly a lyrical masterpiece and there’s a few flaws in the mixing, but overall I’m a huge fan of this track.



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