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DMG – Officially Missing You (2023) Track Review


  • DMG’s singing is impeccable on this track. His darker tone and lower voice sounds beautiful drenched in reverb, and his vocal layering is very clean.

  • The intimate and soft acoustic guitar backs his vocals in such a way that makes the track sound like he’s romantically lamenting his heartaches to an empty, pitch black theatre with a lonely guitar as his only companion.

  • The guitar sounds like it’s been ran through like a tape plugin, and the pitch warbling sounds very comforting.


FAVORITE PART: 2:30 – 3:14

FINAL THOUGHTS It’s really hard for me to come up with any flaws this track might have aside from musical choices that might not resonate with other listeners as much as they did with me (like the massive reverb on the vocals), but this review is meant to be my personal opinion so I won’t include them.

DMG offers us a beautiful, moonlit, mournful and raw take on a classic Tamia song that leaves me wanting more stripped-back music from him.


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