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TIPS: Waking Up Happier

Updated: May 17, 2023

Establish a consistent sleep schedule:

Set a regular bedtime and wake-up time that allows for adequate rest. Waking up at the same time each day helps regulate your body's internal clock, leading to better sleep quality and a more refreshed feeling upon waking.

Use a gradual alarm:

Instead of a jarring, loud alarm, opt for a more soothing wake-up experience. Use an alarm that gradually increases in volume or choose a gentle, nature-inspired alarm sound to wake up more peacefully.

Let in natural light:

Open your curtains or blinds to let natural light filter into your room. Exposure to sunlight in the morning helps regulate your circadian rhythm, boosts serotonin levels, and promotes a positive mood.

Stretch and exercise:

Engage in some light stretching or perform a short exercise routine to get your blood flowing and release endorphins. Physical activity stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that enhance your mood and energy levels.

Practice gratitude:

Take a few moments upon waking to reflect on things you are grateful for. Mentally listing three things you appreciate can shift your mindset to a positive state and set the tone for the day.

Listen to uplifting music:

Create a playlist of your favorite upbeat and inspiring songs. Play it while getting ready in the morning to boost your mood and create a positive atmosphere.

Engage in a pleasant morning routine:

Design a morning routine that includes activities you enjoy. Whether it's sipping a cup of coffee, reading a book, or spending time in nature, incorporating pleasant activities into your morning can contribute to a happier mood.

Have a nutritious breakfast:

Start your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. Choose foods that provide sustained energy, such as whole grains, fruits, and protein-rich options. Proper nutrition supports your physical and mental well-being, positively impacting your mood.

Connect with loved ones:

Reach out to a family member or friend who brings you joy. Engaging in positive social interactions, even through a quick text or phone call, can uplift your spirits and set a positive tone for the day.

Set positive intentions:

Before you start your day, set positive intentions or affirmations. Focus on thoughts like "Today will be a great day," "I am capable of handling challenges," or "I will approach everything with a positive mindset." Affirming positive thoughts can significantly impact your mood and outlook on the day ahead.

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