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LandoIsLiving & Dunzy – Baggage (2023) Track Review

  • The instrumental builds upon the same vibe as the previous single from Lando, opening up with some very raw guitar chords that persist throughout the entire duration of the song without becoming redundant and the acoustic drums compliment the vulnerable feel the track emanates perfectly.

  • Lando once again comes off very genuine and does justice to the theme of venting/finding closure from a toxic romantic entanglement, with clear lyrics about feeling used and a sincere delivery that gives the impression of having finally gained enough clarity to realize who the person he loved truly was.

  • Dunzy’s contribuition to the track is amazing and his unique voice & singing fit the track perfectly.

  • The whole vibe of the song feels like finally finding peace after having gone through the nightmare of a negative relationship, and their ability to capture both the feelings of resentment and the feelings of gratitude is something that deserves respect.

  • Although the hook is catchy + the lyrics are really good, I find the vocals to be a little flat because there are no changes in his delivery/vocal mix to distinguish it from the verses.

FAVORITE PART: 2:12 – 2:45

FINAL THOUGHTS: “Baggage” is a beautifully executed piece of music about letting go and accepting a situation for what it was, and the upbeat yet cathartic emotion of the track mixed with very honest & bold lyrics make it one of Lando’s best tracks so far. It feels like moving on from a chapter of your romantic life and moving on to brighter pastures, but stopping to smell the flowers on the way there.


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