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Proj3ct 3vil – GRANDiO$3 (2023) Track Review

  • The electronic trap beat is very creative, sinister and creates a dark atmosphere that permeates throughout the entire track. From the simple & driving drums to the ghostly bells and powerful 808s, this is one of my favorite instrumentals I’ve heard Proj3ct 3vil hop on.

  • Proj3ct 3vil’s delivery is incredibly engaging and compliments the beat perfectly: his voice sounds unique, his different vocal inflections display a lot of emotion, his diverse flows are very energetic and his lyrics are complex and visual (even bordering on abstract in certain sections).

  • The vocal snippets add a lot to the soundscape of the track.


· The vocals would benefit from a bit of a boost on the higher frequency spectrum.

· The outro feels a bit too dragged out.

· Some lyrics are a bit hard to interpret

FAVORITE PART: 1:12 – 1:45


Overall, “GRANDiO$3” manages to capture and maintain a very unique dark & dreamy atmosphere in a relatively short runtime.

I absolutely love Proj3ct 3vil’s voice and delivery, and this marks one of my favorite tracks he’s released so far.


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