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LandoIsLiving & KiERAN – Lil Thing (2023) Track Review


  • The first single from Lando’s upcoming album sees him pushing his music in a different direction, evolving the sound he developed on his previous project and going Indie/Pop (with his signature autotune-soaked vocals).

  • The instrumental is very well mixed, wit live drums, and acoustic guitar loop and electric guitar & piano hits.

  • My favorite part about the track is the concept: it details the feelings of defeat and frustration that arise when your friends downplay your passion as a simple hobby (a “Lil Thing”) when you put your whole heart, mind & soul into what you make. This is something all musicians can relate to, and Lando & KiERAN express these feelings in a very direct and perfect manner; lyrics like “You know, that one song that you made a while ago” are simple and clear yet refrain from becoming corny.

  • KiERAN compliments the track lyrically expressing his gratitude for what he has achieved musically and showing a more careless & confident attitude towards those who doubt him.


  • Although the instrumental sounds clean it feels a little bland and by the numbers, occasionally giving off the same vibes as the Royalty-Free music in the background of a life hack YouTube video.

  • The mix on KiERAN’s verse feels a little too overblown with autotune, and I feel like it would’ve sounded better with more of a raw feel.

  • I don’t really like the “da-na-na-na” vocals on the intro, they sound a little strange with autotune slapped on and I feel like they would be better off as clean adlibs or even just cut.

  • The outro could’ve been executed better, with the track ending abruptly after the same plucky guitar loop from the intro repeats (the loop itself is catchy but it can get stale after a while).

FAVORITE PART: 1:30 – 2:04


“Lil Thing” manages to come off as genuine when facing a concept that’s difficult to tackle without either the lyrics or the music becoming corny. Lando shines both lyrically and vocally, KiERAN delivers a verse that adds to the track really well, and even tho the instrumental is a little bland it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.


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